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Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Trelleborg Environmental Policy

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Kalmar AB is the world leader in the production and development of brake noise and vibration damping solutions for automotive and industrial applications.

Our policy is to focus on preventive actions and continuous improvement in our environmental work.

We shall be the Customers 1st choice.
We develop polymer-to-metal solutions our Customers can rely on.
We differentiate ourselves by creativity and passion.

We shall:

  • set objectives and targets for our significant environmental aspects to minimise the environmental impact of our activities.
  • develop our products and processes so that the environmental impact is minimised.
  • evaluate our environmental performance regularly through audits, monitoring and measurement.
  • have contingency plans for scenarios that can cause significant environmental impact. involve all employees in the environmental work through training and information.
  • comply to or exceed environmental legislation and demands.


Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Kalmar AB
Box 860
Franska vägen 18 B
S-391 28 Kalmar

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Fax: +46 480 499 494 Worldwide Offices