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Products and Applications

Products and Applications


Laminated Visco-LAM is a material with built-in noise-damping qualities that can be suited to a wide variety of automotive and industrial applications.

Visco-LAM is a sandwich material with a core of viscoelastic polymer. The material performance can be optimized by changing the dynamic properties of the polymer.

Any type of metal or alloy can be used as well as most surface treated metals.

Visco Lam

This sandwich provides an outstanding
attention of structure-borne sound
while also offering good airborne
sound insulating capabilities.

Visco-LAM can be delivered in coils,
sheets or slit strips of various
dimensions. The material can be
produced with a total thickness of
0.6-2.5 mm.

Damping properties vary with service temperature and vibration frequency. The choice of material for each specific application should be made according to these criteria and should also represent the best between stiffness, mass and damping.

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