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Tuned Absorbers

Tuned Absorbers

Tuned Absorbers

We solve your Noise and Vibration problems

REQILL® Tuned Absorbers – for low frequency brake noise

A recent success within Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Kalmar is the new REQILL® Resonance Damper - a tuned solution for brake noise and vibration problems.

Tuned Absorbers

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Kalmar can now offer a full portfolio of products for both low and high frequency NVH problems in brakes – Resonance Dampers and Shims.
A cost efficient solution for low frequency brake noise – moan, groan and low frequency squeal.

Cross Section

The patented REQILL® concept
- Superior Durability
- Multiple Tuning Directions
- Excellent Temperature Range – silicone
- Excellent Thermal Stability
- Low Ageing Properties

Typical Frequency Range: 100 – 2000Hz
Typical Tuned Mass Range: 0,1 – 0,5Kg

In applications where reliability and high performance are required



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