Cryogenic Seal And Storage Systems | Case Study | Trelleborg

Cryogenic Storage Systems

Customer: Medical Device Manufacturer
Application: Cryogenic Storage Systems


  • Support both rotary (5 rpm) and reciprocating movement (102 mm / 40 inch stroke) under a 5 mm / 2 inch Hg vacuum
  • Resistance of liquid nitrogen and ice
  • Low friction and no stick-slip with infrequent operation (2 to 3 times per day for 1-2 minutes) required


  • Variseal® M seal in Zurcon® Z80 with two nested load V-springs

Since the motors and drives are external to the tank, the cryogenic seal seals the feed port through which the manipulator arm places and retrieves samples in the storage tank. The seal met all performance requirements and provided long operating life.