Trelleborg Noise Damping Solutions | Applied Damping Material

ADM - Applied Damping Material

A Constrained Layer Damping (CLD) material that provides superior damping of structure-borne noise.

ADM - Applied Damping Material is a new constrained layer damping material which consist of two layers of steel vulcanized together with rubber to produce a strong, durable laminate. ADM provides superior damping of structure-borne noise and can be cut and formed to fit most surfaces.


What makes ADM unique is its pinpoint use on noise problem areas. Accurate analysis of the problem using the latest laser technology means that exactly the right thickness of ADM is always used in exactly the right places.


                            With ADM                                                        Without ADM

Identifying areas of high resonance is the first step to a noise-damping solution. Laser scanning equipment reveals the source of the noise problem in a few moments.
An area of high resonance, shown above in red, is clearly picked up by the laser scan and identifies areas that are problem-free.