Trelleborg Engine Shear Plate Damper, Shear Plate Animation

Engine Shear Plate Damper

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Kalmar has developed a new method in reducing engine noise and vibrations with the use of the sandwich material (Duru-Lam).

Diesel-engine noise is a known problem among automakers worldwide. With the introduction of the new Euro 5 and 6 emissions regulations the problem with engine noise is expected to increase.

Designing high-performance engines that meet the new standards will require increased combustion pressure, which is likely to result in vastly increased levels of high-frequency engine-block vibrations and radiated noise.

Vibration transmitted from the block to other engine parts, such as the oil sump and transmission cover as well as to the car body through engine mounts, adds to the NVH challenge.

By introducing a shear plate damper inside the engine, designed in a smart way, the engine-block vibrations are absorbed by shear deformation in the Damper.

The Damper is made of Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Kalmar's patented sandwich material, Duru-Lam and consists of the optimal combination of steel and rubber vulcanized to form a durable laminate that can withstand the tough environment inside an engine.

               Image of oil pan and shearplate

The shear plate can be positioned differently to suit the packaging requirements of different core engine designs. For example, in the case of a deep-skirt cylinder block, the plate will be placed inside the oil pan below the crankshaft.

Although originally designed to eliminate diesel-engine noise the shear plate damper is also well suited for other engine configurations including gasoline engines.