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Quality and Environment

Environmental Management System

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Kalmar is utilising the Environmental Management System ISO 14001 to achieve continuous improvement regarding environmental performance.Our ambition is to reduce the environmental impact of our activities, the EMS is certified according to ISO 14001. Our Quality system is certified according to IATF 16949 and ISO 9001.

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ISO 14001

ISO 9001

IATF 16949

Environmental Objectives

Current activities

Through the environmental management system we set environmental objectives and establish long and short tem action plans. The objectives and progress are monitored through internal environmental meetings, internal and external system audits.

Production Process Development

In our production process we are currently working on a number of items and the most important are;

  • Reduction of waste
  • Reduction of energy used

Product Development

Some chemical substances are considered to be harmful to the ecosystem and humans. It is important to phase out the use of such chemical substances to reduce the environmental pollution. All chemical substances are carefully screened prior to introduction in new products.

Environmental Policy

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Kalmar AB is the world leader in the production and development of brake noise and vibration damping solutions for automotive and industrial applications.

Our policy is to focus on preventive actions and continuous improvement in our environmental work.

We shall be the Customers 1st choice.
We develop polymer-to-metal solutions our Customers can rely on.
We differentiate ourselves by creativity and passion.

We shall:

  • set objectives and targets for our significant environmental aspects to minimise the environmental impact of our activities.
  • develop our products and processes so that the environmental impact is minimised.
  • evaluate our environmental performance regularly through audits, monitoring and measurement.
  • have contingency plans for scenarios that can cause significant environmental impact. involve all employees in the environmental work through training and information.
  • comply to or exceed environmental legislation and demands.


Material / Environmental data reports: IMDS

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Kalmar with the aid of our suppliers reports all new automotive products into the IMDS during the PPAP process and for other automotive products on request.
Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Kalmar has been an active in the IMDS since the beginning of year 2002.

The IMDS is the automotive industry material data system all materials and components used to build a car are reported in to the database. This information will be used when the car is to be recycled in the future.

The IMDS enables the automotive industry to meet demands of national and international standards, laws and regulations. Further information regarding the IMDS can be found in the public pages at

Quality Policy

We shall be the Customers 1st choice.
We develop polymer-to-metal solutions our Customers can rely on.
We differentiate ourselves by creativity and passion.

We shall be a company with a strategic approach to improvement in all areas to satisfy customers and owners. We are fully committed to achieve customer satisfaction and:

  • Are committed to continuous improvement
  • Our ambition is to exceed customer expectation
  • Have committed and devoted personnel

Suppliers and the Environment

Suppliers that have a certified EMS are preferred suppliers. We request as a minimum that the supplier establishes a policy, objectives and action plans. In our supplier assessment process the existence of an EMS, or parts of an EMS, is taken into account.

The main environmental impact of our products is caused by the production of the raw materials and related transport of raw material / products. To reduce environmental impact of our products and processes we need the cooperation of our suppliers.

During the phase of product development and implementation of a new product all chemicals used in the product will need to screened according to various customer supplied Restricted Substance Lists.

A general list which is applicable on all products is the GADSL (Global Automotive Declarable Substance List) which can be accessed at . Other issues that can be subject for discussion are transportation and packaging of the products.