Shims/Insulators For Noise Damping in Disc Brakes

Shims / Insulators

A unique rubber-to-metal composite material designed to solve noise and vibration problems.

Trelleborg Damping Solutions Kalmar manufactures a wide range of noise damping shims / insulators that are used when endurance against thermal, chemical and mechanical stress is required. This is combined with outstanding sound damping, sealing, vibration insulation, compressibility and bonding capacity.

The materials consist of different combinations of layers of rubber, carbon steel, stainless steel, fibre glass, cold pressure adhesives, acrylic or silicone based and hot sensitive glues.

Our unique rubber-to-metal composite materials for noise damping in disc brakes combine a number of valuable properties: vibration insulation, compressibility and excellent adhesion. The rubber composite materials are excellent for applications with demanding insulation for vibration and noise. The materials retain their integrity even when subjected to high pressure and high temperature.

Noise damping components in brakes have to endure enormous strains and tension - extreme temperature, mechanical stress, salt, water, oil etc… Testing one and the same brake system in mountain and desert country, as well as in urban traffic and on the open highway is a costly and time consuming process.

We simplify this process by running tests in our fully computerized brake-noise dynamometers, equipped with unique acclimatiser. This allows us to literally test a brake in any climate in the world.

Brake Related Products

Trelleborg Damping Solutions Kalmar supplies several NVH brake related products for different noise and vibration problem areas
We have been offering the best in engineering experience for solving brake noise in disc and drum brakes since 1988.

A selection of our products & materials

Slippers                              Shims
Piston Clips                         RDD
Sliding Clips                        EPB
Rubberized Clips                  PTFE
Abutment Clips                    ECONOX
Tuned Absorbers                  WIDENOX
Booster brackets                 Tuned Absorbers
Anti Rattle Clip                    RAX Adhesives
Pad Ear Muff                       HINOX

Decoupling Damping Shim







 Outstanding Performance

  • Excellent damping and isolation properties
  • RDD outperforms RPN Shim materials and competitor materials
  • Improved or similar NVH performance reducing steel thickness or layers
  • Improved or remained NVH performance
  • Using less costly adhesives
  • Improved wear resistance
  • Transfer of heat is reduced with RDD

New Innovative Shim Technology:

Outer rubber layer: excellent vibration Isolation ("Decoupling")
Inner rubber layer: excellent vibration Damping
  • Isolation Rubber 0,22mm
  • Metal Layer 0,40 - 0,70 mm
    (Carbon Steel,Galvanised Steel,Stainless Steel)
  • Damping Rubber 0,22mm
  • Cold Pressure Adhesive 0,10 - 0,13 mm  (Low Temp Adhesive, Silicone Adhesive, Acrylic Adhesive)

Decoupling Damping Shim

You will find us to be a reliable and cooperative partner, with the highest degree of knowledge and technical service which is always at your disposal.

Shim Selector App

The first Trelleborg app for damping solutions, the Shim Selector is designed to give Brake NVH test engineers quick and easy access to the extensive range of Shim materials used for elimination of specific brake noise problems.
With only a few parameter inputs, such as temperature and frequency, the Shim Selector will propose the optimal solution for the given noise problem. Also included is a mail notification function, making it possible to request sample material for dynamometer testing without leaving the app.


  • A brand new sound frequency detector with the ability to record the sound of a brake noise occurrence and display the frequency of noise.
  • A quick search function for quick and easy proposal of test materials
  • An Advanced Search option to specify material type and material properties
  • An audio list of the top-10 brake noises
  • Parameter input based shim material selection
  • A filtering function to refine the selection, including by type of adhesive, type of steel, steel thickness, rubber on one or two sides, material overall

Download our apps now

Our apps are available free-of-charge for iPhone and Android, with the Installation Instructions app also optimized for use with an iPad. To find them, search for “Trelleborg” in the App Store or Google Play.

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