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Our Capabilities

Trelleborg Damping Solutions has state of the art production and R&D-facilities including  30 chassis and noise dynamometers for the development of brake noise solutions worldwide.

Components reducing Noise & Vibrations
We produce combinations of laminates, steel vulcanised with rubber and adhesives to manufacture sound absorbent components in for example brakes that have to endure extreme mechanical stress, salt, water and oil.

Testing one and the same brake on mountain roads during winter and summer climates is both a costly and time-consuming process. We are simplifying this process by running tests in fully computerised brake chassis/roller dynamometers or noise dynamometers equipped with unique climatisers simulating arctic as well as tropical weather conditions.

Flexibility and technical know-how
We can offer you a program of shim solutions that cover all major car platforms on the market today. Specially designed shims may be manufactured upon request, when certain minimum quantities are ordered. If you select an anti-noise shim in a flexible material it is possible to print the anti-noise shim with your logo or in a special colour.

We are continuously testing the new generation of brakes being provided by our clients, therefore a correct selection of noise damping solutions can be made. Each brake system needs it's specific sound absorbent components.

We manufacture a wide range of unique rubber composite materials to solve brake noise and  combine a number of valuable properties:

  • Noise damping performance
  • Compressibility
  • Sealing capacity
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Vibration insulation
  • Thermal, chemical and mechanical stress resistance
  • Compressibility

Good performance at a lower cost

The rubber composite materials are excellent for applications with demanding properties and retain their integrity even when subjected to high pressure and temperature. Our production process is flexible and can be quickly altered to suit different combinations of materials and final products. The rubber vulcanisation process gives the best possible adhesion to steel, stainless steel, aluminium, fabric of fibre glass and other materials and the whole process is free from solvents. This also favours homogeneous sandwich designs with outstanding adhesion.We offer you metal-based shims as well as non-metal based shims, the latter also offering a good performance, but at a lower cost.

Our production lines give us excellent possibilities to produce different materials for specific requirements.

Using our full range of materials you can take full advantage of Trelleborg Damping Solutions  excellent reputation when marketing your products. We understand your business and speak your language. We can propose secure and cost effective solutions for each individual project. You will find us to be a resourceful and co-operative partner with a high degree of know-how and a technical service which is always at your disposal.

Test our professional competence, it pays off!